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Zen Living – Taking the Minimalistic Approach

You’ve heard the saying ‘less is more’. You’ve seen the minimalistic feel every Ikea showroom has to offer. You’ve lived in hotels which offer a homely yet zen feel to it. What takes the cake is visiting your friend’s newly bought BTO unit looking like it just came out of a ‘zen home’ catalogue. We have been in your shoes. We have gone through the process of attempting to give our home a complete makeover only to give up halfway due to boredom. So, we definitely feel your envy, we really do. And we are here to chase it away!

Always remember the first rule of taking a minimalistic approach…. DECLUTTER.

Step 1:
According to the Japanese, hoarding attracts negative energy. Hence, if your home is filled with a truckload of unnecessary items, it is time to get rid of them. We know it is a difficult step to take but think of the end result and how happy coming back to a minimalistic environment would make you feel. Once that is done, head on over to step 2.

Step 2:
Make a profile on Pinterest. If you are already a member on Pinterest, great! If not, sign up now and remember to thank us. When you’re on the app, search for ‘minimalistic homes’ or ‘minimalistic interior design’ and get some inspiration on how you’d want your ‘new’ home to look. Don’t forget to pin the designs you like so they remain in your board for a long time.

Step 3:
Now that you have a rough idea on how you’d like your ‘new home’ to look like, it’s about time you take a trip down to Ikea or the nearest Home Depot and get purchasing! Make a trip down to the florist, get a couple of plants and end of with getting a mini water fountain to complete the whole zen feel in your home. Take note: doing it yourself not only saves you a lot of money but gives you a sense of satisfaction, too. Get to purchasing and envisioning how beautiful your ‘new home’ will look upon completion.

Step 4:
GET TO WORK! You’ve an image in your head, it’s execution time. Gather a few friends to help you out. Not only will you save a heap load of time, a lifetime of memories will be built as well. Amidst the laughter – relax. Take this time to reflect on why a minimalistic home will be good for you.

Step 5:
When you see it all coming together just like you imagined it to be, you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that your hardwork paid off. That and the fact that you are finally able to come back to a peaceful yet CLUTTER-FREE home! Take it all in, start inviting people over and flaunt your home’s new look because we all know you want to. Embrace the change it brings together with the amount of positivity that will be surrounding you, henceforth.

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