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A Scandinavian Home

In the age of minimalist interiors, many styles have come and gone. The one look that will never go away is of the Scandinavian interior design. Paired with a more sparse and colourless space, the Scandinavian interior design also uses a blend of textures, contrasts, and soft hues to allow sleek and modern furniture have a warm and inviting feel to it. The main idea of Scandinavian design is to produce the ability to look and feel cozy yet have a touch of modern-esque feel to it.

Known for its minimalist colour palattes, cozy accents and striking modern furniture, Scandinavaian interior design often play along with natural lights—which is what Singapore and the Nordic countries have an abundance of. Prior to that high contrasts are the key feature of Scandinavian interior design. Modern furniture also contrast with the ornate architectural details that are common in historic buildings in northern Europe.

Think of white spaces, snowcapped mountains, wooden cabins, a working fireplace, these are the kind of design that would be feasible to include into your Scandinavian themed home. Of course, not forgetting the inclusion of a minimalistic yet beautiful lamp or coffee table. Whilst you’re on the base of a Scandinavian design, pick up a book or two or head on over to the digital world to gain more design inspiration.

Photo Credits: https://hmdcr.com/2018/04/28/30-impressive-scandinavian-living-room-designs-ideas/

The trick here is to play with the abundance of natural light that we have available. This means installing wider windows to allow the light to pass through. Along with that, the addition of light coloured furniture and walls will help to trick your eyes into believing your space is larger than it actually is. For example, in the picture above, we are able to see what the home owner is trying to achieve. With the high ceiling, a large window and contrast of the gray on white, it gives off a warm and cozy yet stylish vibe.

Another way to incorporate the Scandinavian design into your space is by playing around with colours. Think of one dark wall as opposed to the all-white interior. That way only one space will stand out. Shifting the attention towards where you everyone to be looking at. Doing this also gives the illusion that the spaces that you enforce more attention upon is sleeker than is usually is.

Not only will you be on the receiving end of envy but people will start looking up to you as a style guru.

Photo Credits: https://homeadore.com/2014/06/19/scandinavian-apartment-soma-architekci-2/

Warm wood tunes and sepia hues are popular in Scandinavian interior design too. They give off the illusion that a room is sunny and bright without using any bright colours. In the picture above, one can see that the parquet flooring matches the cabinets and bookshelf. Giving the home a laidback café vibe. Pair a few industrial looking stools in your kitchen for an added effect.

Another fun way to beautify your home is by installing more mirrors or see through glass doors. An additional fact: Scandinavian theme incorporates a lot of clean lines into their interior which gives off a sense of order and tidiness.

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