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Enjoy Personal Viewing Experience with Sony’s 4K Android TV!

Photo Credit: D5 Studio

Take your Big-Screen Viewing Experience to the Bedroom with Sony’s 4K Android TV!

Photo Credit: D5 Studio

With the recent work from home scenario, the lines between home space and office space have got blurred. And so, has the concept of working hours and after-work hours for rest and entertainment. It’s not uncommon to see living rooms doubling up as conference rooms or as children’s playroom and kitchens being used as functional offices.

Your bedroom might be the only haven for some peace and quiet – a place where you can head to -in work breaks and after-work hours, especially as social distancing norms still limit socializing outside the home.  Not surprising that the TV once considered a mainstay of the living room has, of late, found its place of pride in the master bedroom.

And when your TV is Sony’s 4K Android TV– an entertainment powerhouse that offers you 5+ apps- more than any other Smart TV in the market-then why limit your TV viewing experience to the living room? Take your very own big-screen and feature- rich Sony’s 4K Android TV to the bedroom! With apps such as Netflix, YouTube, YouTube, Spotify and Kodi, being a couch potato has never been easier!

What’s more, Sony’s 4K Android TVs are recommended by Netflix as one of the best in the industry to watch Netflix originals with Netflix Calibrated Mode producing studio picture quality. With features such as Full Array LED Backlight system, X1™ Ultimate Picture Processor and 4K X-Reality PRO, Sony’s 4K Android TV ensures that you get razor sharp pictures with perfectly harmonized sound quality. Sony’s 4K Android TV also smartly allows you to stream the content from your mobile devices to the TV via Chromecast or Airplay so entertainment need to pause as you shift from living room to bedroom and from mobile devices to the TV.

 Sony’s 4K Android TV: Perfect for Anytime Viewing!

Photo Credit: D5 Studio

Often, we restrict ourselves with a small screen sized TV in the bedroom because we fear the room size is too small for a big screen TV and the viewing distance is not enough. Unlike conventional TVs that require a large distance between the screen and the viewer, Sony’s Android TV with 4K resolution allows you to view the screen up close without blurring the image or hurting the eyes. A narrow, exquisitely designed aluminum frame with thin bezel ensures optimization of screen space, so your big-screen TV does not dwarf your bedroom.

Placed in the bedroom, Sony’s 4K Android TV is perfect for anytime viewing – then it be time alone, couple moments or precious moments with your little one. With Sony’s 4K Android TV’s realistic images and sounds, you can watch away the lonely blues, enjoy a Friday night movie with your partner or indulge in some well-deserved family TV time!  With your personal Sony’s 4K Android TV in the bedroom, you also get to kickstart your day with the morning news or an online workout session in complete privacy!

Sony’s 4K Android TV: Perfect for “Personal, Uninterrupted Viewing!”

Photo Credit: D5 Studio

“Your partner said he or she is too tired to watch and your little one just snuggled in with you to sleep. But sleep is evading you this night and you desperately want to finish the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy or watch the end of the live football match. With Sony’s 4K Android TV , there is no reason to worry or compromise. Sony’s TV allows you to connect to Bluetooth wireless headphones or earphones so you can continue watching ‘privately” in bed without disturbing others in the room. You can also connect BLUETOOTH® compatible devices to your TV for easy wire free entertainment. The intelligent Ambient Optimization features on Sony’s 4K Android TV optimize the screen brightness as per the light in the room so your spouse or child is not disturbed by bright light from the TV screen. So you can stay close to your spouse and your child while enjoying your show uninterrupted with Sony’s Android 4K TV!”

Choose from Sony’s 4K Android TVs in screen sizes ranging from 43” to 85” for a truly immersive viewing experience-right in your bedroom! Learn more at www.sony.com.sg/bravia