5 Ways to Streamline your Entry Way

Often overlooked, the entry way is likely the most cluttered spot in a home. Put your best foot forward with these great ideas to streamline your space.

Empty Flat Surfaces

Install a floating shelf to visually extend the entry way. It also doubles up as an additional storage space, especially useful for people who are always in a rush.


Not only functional, a full-length mirror that is flushed against the wall will open up the space to make entry way look brighter and more spacious.


Invest in a multi-purpose bench with under-seat storage where you can keep umbrellas and raincoats out of the way.

Accessible Storage

Put a sorting bowl or key hooks next to the door and eliminate the heartache of a last minute hunt for keys.

Making Space for Shoes

Create visual interest for the small space with an open vertical shoe cupboard that is also great for storage.