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10 Money Saving Home Décor Ideas

Are you starting on a new project? Revamping your room or giving your home the makeover it deserves? Your Pinterest board is filled with many ideas. You’ve decided to take on the DIY route. However, as with the start of every new project, money is always the key factor. Fret not, the team over at H+L have come up with a list of money saving ideas that allows you to make your home look like a million bucks without have to spend a million. What a great deal, huh?!

Ikea – DIY HEAVEN! You already figured it was going to make the list, well, here it is. With a long history of catering towards those who thrive on doing things themselves – from scratch – this amazing place will definitely be of great help!

Recycle – got a friend who’s ‘decluttering’, pick a few stuff up and see what can be made of those. For example, an old bookcase can be used as a shelf for plants. Many a time, the item you least need can be turned into something more suitable to your needs.

Bargains – look out for flea markets or garage sales around your area. You’ll never know what you can find. For one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Downloadable art – if purchasing art pieces are above your budget, get them off the internet (for a minimal sum), get yourself a frame and voila! You’ve yourself an affordable art piece framed up on your wall! Better yet, if you have friends who’re talented illustrators or artists, you can always arrange something with them and receive a personalized art piece. Why spend more when there are other alternatives to look at.

Think like a hipster – that’s right. Think, breath, eat and sleep like a hipster. We don’t mean start dressing like one. However, think out of the box. Be creative. Be bold. Be wild. After all, it’s only fair for you to be splashing ‘YOU’ all over the walls.

Set a budget – this is extremely crucial. A set budget will not only give you a proper guideline to follow but ensure you don’t go over the limit with excitement.

Research – ensure a sufficient amount of research is done before purchasing an item. Check for the period of sustainability. Ensure it’s on guarantee before purchase. Know your products. You don’t want to be stuck with spending more than you’ve invested on an item that damages easily, would you?

Invest smartly – make sure the toolbox you own isn’t that of a hand me down by an ancestor and consists of only one screwdriver and a hammer. Invest in a proper set of tools. Make sure you have a working measuring tape and ruler on hand. These are the key essentials to every DIY ‘builder’.

Power-saving – opt for power-saving items. This way, you save more on electricity whilst enjoying the perks of a heavy energy consuming item. Trust us, with the surge in power saving products, looking at our electricity bill has been a joy.

Wants vs Needs – come up with a list of wants vs needs and you’ll realize that you don’t need as much things as you want. Remember, minimalistic homes are a huge hit now. Why the clutter when you can de-clutter?

There you have it. As always, we are always glad to help those who’d rather explore the unconventional route of DIY.

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