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Ambiente 2019: Where The Future Meets The Present

Home + Living got into the latest scoop with a special one to one session with Stephan Kurzawski, Senior Vice President of Messe Frankfurt, during Ambiente—the leading international trade fair and world’s number one consumer goods trade fair show.  Join us on this space as we discover the where’s, what’s and how’s of Ambiente. Implementing various kinds of futuristic elements into the present, Ambiente is set to penetrate the market with their unique ideas, visual appeal and of course, the largest collection of high quality, unique and sustainable products.

By introducing us to a whole new world of visual experiences, Ambiente, has also given us insider news during this exclusive session with Stephan Kurzawski. In total, this annual event has manage to bring us 146 trade fairs and exhibitions hence, it is exciting to see what Ambiente has in store for us in the future—globally.

Working alongside an array of consumer products ranging from cooking, dining, houseware, and leisure together with design and interior furnishing. By doing so, Ambiente has garnered over 95 percent of its event space being booked. Leading up to Ambiente 2019, Ambiente 2018 featured around 4,441 exhibitors and attracted 134,600 trade visitors from 168 countries presenting classic and innovative products over the 5 days they were up. Following this growth, Ambiente has also decided to have a new hall built with a new mixture of storage alongside the target aim of showcasing 4,500 exhibitors in total. Also, its dining section has been a major hit throughout the years. By doing so, it has been able to bring in more exhibitors pertaining dining and having a variety of dining products to choose from and styles to gain inspiration from.

Ambiente is also looking to expand its services in Asia. Namely, China and Korea due to their economic growth and population. Following that they are focusing towards reaching out to visitors and exhibitors from India due to their large market of authentic products. By bringing in more exhibitors from South East Asia, one can definitely expect a fusion of products to look out for. Alongside the products, a café designed by Sandeep Sangaru—a multidisciplinary designer—will be built in hall 4.1. The café is one of the many attractions of the trade fair as it will be fully centred on India.

As this yearly event is being held in Frankfurt, one can only imagine the vastness of the event whilst supporting its rapid growth. Also, the opening of Hall 12 (in addition to their 11 available halls), at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds brings in more revenue giving this event a totally new structure.

A new feature to look forward to next year is the introduction of Digital Technology. Namely, the ‘Point of Experience’ feature. With this new feature, patrons can expect to be visually rewarded by a special presentation led by the design and implementation office Gurschwitz GmbH. By linking up online and offline shopping, it’s truly a welcoming treat to buyers and exhibitors alike. The purpose of this presentation is to initiate a different kind of interaction with people—giving them a feel of the digital age. By doing so, it shows how products can still be promoted without you having to be there physically. It’s high time we welcome the future.

Apart from shopping, workshops will be available and trade experts will be on stage to share insights on the market and development. For the lot of you who’re keen on building an enterprise for yourself and be more in tuned with the digital world, this exclusive workshops will benefit you in terms of understanding the creation of attractive product groups, presenting ideal placements and the learning of e-commerce strategies. Ambiente 2019 will also host numerous prestigious award ceremonies.

Ambiente 2019 will be held from the 8th to 12th of February 2019 at the International Frankfurt Trade Fair. This is definitely the trade fair to attend for those of you who are constantly keeping up with the important trends in dining, cooking, living and giving.

For more information head on over to: https://ambiente.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en.html

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