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5 Ways To Clean Your Home That You’ve Never Thought Of

Through time we have figured some of the unconventional ways to handle day-to-day situations. From losing weight, buying a house, to even getting married. In today’s post, we will be sharing some of the unconventional ways to clean your home that you’ve never thought of.

1. Ketchup Cleaner
Save that sachet of Ketchup from your fast food restaurants. The young and old’s favourite condiment is actually a good source to clean materials such as brass, copper and metal. Squeeze some directly onto your item or leave it bathing in a bowl full of it. Let it sit for 40 to 60 minutes and then rinse the ketchup off.

The acids in the tomatoes and vinegar in ketchup is what gives it powers as a cleaner. Buying this condiment in bulk won’t seem so strange now.

2. Vinegar for Windows
Got dirty window tracks? Banish the muck with some vinegar and baking soda. Sprinkle the soda on the track, pour some vinegar on top, and watch the mixture eat away at grime with fizzy glee. Scrub, then wipe away whatever remnants are left behind.

3. Degrease Your Cabinets
Often oil splatter when we’re cooking in the kitchen. The layer of sticky film can be a chore to remove. One of the trick to use is body oil, another alternative is to use powdered detergent. Soak a rag in hot water and sprinkle some detergent onto it. Rub and scrub until the grease comes off your cabinets, and then wipe those areas again with a clean rag.

4. Wax Off with Baking Soda
If you’ve ever had kids in your home, then it’s likely there are visible or hidden crayon marks somewhere on your walls. Mine were particularly fond of tracing baseboards with tiny dots. Buff the waxy spots out with a damp rag dipped in baking soda. Watch that unsolicited wall mural disappear!

5. Fingerprint Clean
Having your kids running around the house and leaving their finger prints on mirrors or you glass cabinet? One simple way is to spray water at it and use a crushed newspaper to wipe it off.

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