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4 Unique Ways To Clean With Coca Cola

We have all heard that how coke is used to clean motorcycles and stuff. Yes, you heard it. It’s true.

Today, we are going to share with you 4 unique ways where you can use a can of coca cola to clean your everyday household items.

Glass Window
After not cleaning your glass window for several years, specks of dust kept piling up to a huge mountain. One good way to make it clean is to use a can of coke. Use an unwanted toothbrush to brush it all off. Wipe it with a dry cloth and there you have it.

Rust Remover

Hate all the rust covering your kettle? Open a can of coke and pour where the rusts are at, use a piece of aluminium foil to scrub it clean. Wipe of the particles with a clean cloth and oil it up again with coconut oil to prevent it from rusting.

Car Oil Stain
For those who drives, how often does your car have oil spills? This hack will of much help to those who is constantly struggling to get your concretes cleaned from oil spills.

In within coke lies these 3 ingredients that helps release grease from concretes. Namely; Carbonic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, and Citric Acid. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then scrub it off with a brush. Wipe it off and you have a nice and clean concrete again.

Porcelain Cleaner
Coke is another good tool to use for cleaning porcelain. An example will be our bathroom basin. Stains are collected over the years and at times it could be hard to wash it squeeky clean all over again.

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