6 Ways To Be Green At Home

Make The Switch
Change as many bulbs as possible to either LED lightings or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs). Both lightings consume less energy as compared to a typical incandescent bulb. This results in lesser energy wastage and cheaper electronic bills. The best part is, they’re just as efficient.

Put Notebooks To Sleep
If you are stepping away from your laptops, notebooks or computers for a short while, remember to put it to Sleep Mode. This setting doesn’t turn off your hard drives but simply shuts off your monitor. By doing that, you will be saving about 80% of energy used by the device. Lowering the brightness of your screen helps too.

Air Your Laundry
Rather than using the dryer, switch to airing your laundry on a clothesline or drying rack. Even though it might take a little longer to dry your clothes, it is a more energy and cost-saving alternative.

Giving A New Purpose
Don’t throw away your glass jars when they’ve gone empty. Instead, repurpose them to store other items. Apart them from glass jars, old towels and t-shirts can be reused as cleaning cloths in the kitchen, imagine the amount of paper napkins you can save.

Fix That Leak
You’d be surprised at the insane amount of water loss due to leaky taps. Fixing those leaks will not only save water but help you cut costs. To go a step further, you can install a aerator on all your household faucets, This will actually cut your annual water consumption by almost 50%!

Watch That A.C
Despite the heat and humidity, mindful use of the air conditioner will do good for both pockets and mother earth. For every degree raised on the thermostat, you save about $20 per year. So why not set the temperature a little higher?

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