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Solutions For Day To Day Household Situations


Threading Needle
No longer you will need intense focus and several tries to get that thread through the sewing needle. All you need is a hairspray. Apply on the thread and let it dry, once it has stiffen enough you can put it through the needle.


Cleaning up after your pet’s fur or hair lying around the house can be quite a chore. A simple way to solve this problem is to use to dishwashing glove. All you need to do is just wet the glove, then wipe it on the surface where the fur and hair is.

Ants Alert
Having a ants infestation? No worries, a simple hack you can use is to sprinkle some baby powder. Yes you heard it right. Sprinkle some baby powder on the things that are infested with ants like the countertops, grills, honey jar, sugar bowl or anywhere in your house. Ants that are already in your house will lose their scent trail, get lost, and eventually die; ants that are trying to come into your house won’t be able to crest the mountain of white.

Don’t Steal My Food
Have you had ants crawling all over the food left on the table? Here’s a tip on how you can avoid having ants near your plate of scrumptious meal. Simply put rubber bands around the plate and ants will automatically turn away from it. It is an unspoken myth but apparently, it’s been tried and tested and surprisingly, it works.


Hit The Nail
Sometimes we may have overused the screws at home or after a long period of time, the nails naturally becomes faulty. A way to solve this problem is to use a rubber band on top of the screwdriver and put it against the faulty nail. This creates a friction for both the rubber band and the nail so that it can be screwed properly again

Opening Caps
Having troubles opening bottled caps or your frozen jar lid? This hack will not only help you open anything without having to trouble your friends or family. Putting a rubber band over the cap/lid will help eliminate unnecessary friction and allow you to have a better grip.

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Falling Shirts
Little did we know that a simple tool like rubber band could be so useful to our daily life. On top of the aforementioned, the last household hack will be for your clothes. We know how clothes tend to fall off easily if they have thin sleeves or just really lightweight. By putting a rubber band on the edge of the hanger it prevents your clothes from sliding it off.

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