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Things To Look Out For When Buying Indoor Plants

We all know how plant plays a part in our day to day life. As we are moving forward, homemakers are starting to use plants as home decor and/or for aesthetic purposes. As the title suggests, today at HomePlusLiving, we’ll be sharing some of the tips and idea of things you can look out for when buying an indoor plant.

All living things have their fair share of lifespan. So do plants. The lifespan ranges between 1 year. So do take note of that.

Condition of your plant
It would be best to look out for disease and insects that are visible on your plant even before you purchase it. It would be wise if you can preventatively treat diseases and insects even before you see them to ensure that they would not thrive in your home at the soonest possible time.

Light requirement
Even if semi-shade plants can live indoors. Some of them prefer to be placed in a very bright area compared to some that can tolerate a darker area. This is very important in choosing your plant. If you are successful in introducing your plant in a suitable area, then the amount of watering and fertilizing will follow after. If you fail and overlook this area, chances are the plant will unable to achieve desired results and hence die no matter how much fertilizers, water or chemicals is put into it.

This will be secondary to the before mentioned, aesthetics plays a part when we’re buying an indoor plant because we all want something that looks pleasing to the eye and adds purpose to the home decor. Some examples would be: Cart and bench, eclectic pots, plant hangers, or quirky DIY pots.

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