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Five Home Enhancement Technologies that we cannot live without.

As modern technology advances it is becoming more and more similar to living in the future. When I was a child I never imagined that we would have vacuum cleaners that run on their own, or lighting switches that can be controlled by an app on your phone. To be fair, we didn’t have mobile phones back then so we never even considered that such things might be possible one day. What started as an emergency safety precaution took off in such a big way that now we all carry Internet connections in our pockets! Whoever would have thought? Here are some of the modern accoutrements we cannot live without.

The Smart Fridge

This is not a drill! You can now buy a refrigerator with Wifi, a touchscreen and an ice water dispenser on the outside. Not only can you control your fridge’s temperature from your mobile phone but you will also be able to make phone calls from it should you run out of food and need to order in. In a couple of years, these fridges will be doing the shopping for you, so stay tuned to watch this space.

3D Food Printers

This is a trend nowadays! The idea of 3D printing food has been around for a while but, since 2015, you can now buy one on the market for yourself. A 3D Printer will print one bake-able item at a time but these things are going to get bigger, better and faster in years to come.

The Post-Modern Oven

With a flexi-duo oven you can cook two different meals in the same oven at the same time, at different temperatures and for different lengths of time. Say goodbye to waiting twenty minutes before whacking in the chips. With one of these, you will be able to cook for the whole family at once! These high-tech ovens will project LCD flames onto your cooking pots, therefore never leaving you in doubt as to whether or not you have left a hob on.

The Amazon Echo

At a cool £149.99, it isn’t to be sniffed at, but this product is a leading innovation in home technology. Simply plug in your echo device and ask it for anything you need; from music to recommendations to directions.

The Furbo

If you have a furry friend or pet that might even be your baby then this device is for you. The Furbo lets you contact your fur baby while you are out. It has a speaker and camera that lets you keep in touch. Ideal for anxious pets (or anxious owners) and a must have if you spend most days at the office!

So there you have it, home upgrades without renovating. Get in line with the future and never have to keep up with the Jones’s again!

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