Ever heard about the personality and psychology of color? It is scientifically proven that color affects mood. The colors that we live in can most definitely affect how we act, think and feel. It is also a direct indication and reflection of our personality. It is so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating or designing your room. Another important aspect to consider is choosing the right color combination if you choose to work with more than one color. Beginners may find it a little tough to handle this. Before you go on a selection spree, it is not difficult if you keep better educated with the basic information of color and its effects.

The basic ways for colors to act are active, passive and neutral. It has been mentioned that a mix of warm and cool colors can help you achieve balance. Warm colors range from red-orange, reds, yellows and yellow-greens. They provide your room with a cozy, sophisticated and more intimate feel.

Cool colors, on the other hand, are mostly purples, blues, and blue-greens. These are colors that can give the room a calming effect and it makes it appear larger. It usually makes the room colder and sets a comfortable vibe to it, making it more appropriate to sleep, feel calmer and at peace. This will work well in a sunny room.

Neutral colors are white, grey and black. These colors have either warm or cool undertones. Grey is one of the most popular neutrals and have been said to enhance creativity and can be very sophisticated and stylish. This color appeals to many bachelors and professionals. White is a neutral that you can effectively use to give off pure and clean vibes. It portrays a sense of clarity and it can provide a calming effect on a busy space or room. It also enhances the look of your room giving it a little touch of minimalism, while focusing on providing a more spacious feel. It will work great with a color combination. You can match it with a warm or bold ceiling color to refine and complete the look of your room.

Each color has a psychological value to it and when making a decision to choose, think about how certain colors make you feel. There is an emotion attached to every color and prioritize the type of mood, vibe, and ambience you would want to create. If you are pursuing something more bold and passionate then use red, and complement it with a white ceiling.

Here are a few trending colors, which you can choose to decorate your room.


This is a soft-pastel greyish green color, which is popular this year. It adds a light-airy and earthy feel to a room, making it look more classically elegant.


Many are eyeing this vibrant and happy-light orange color. Etsy predicts that it will be a huge color to follow this year. It gives any room retro vibes and feels to it.


This is a color to stay this year. It rules the scene with its popularity, also known as Millennial Pink. This is the peach-salmon hybrid, which is simple and comforting to the eye, acting like a neutral. Blush is for those who prefer a color that is simple, subtle and sweet.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is a top shade to look out for as a fall hue to evoke a freshly dimmed look all year round. When it dons a room, it gives an exotic sensation to anyone living in that space.

Black Chiffon

Here is a sophisticated and bold color that can pull off the classic look decently. It graces your room with a satisfying and successful-masculine feel. You can refine the style and design of your room with a tinge of gold decoration, light, and frames.

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