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Kitchen Design in 2018

Today, the kitchen has changed due to technology advances and shifting social dynamics. Homeowners are inclined to follow more modern design trends with clean and simple styles. Personalisation will be big this year, as homeowners are bold enough to create their own styles and design. In the end of 2017, kitchen trends have seen more bold colors and textures in kitchen doors. Following accordingly in 2018, the mix of outstanding solid colors and woodgrains will continue to be popular. Homeowners are now braver in their style and color choices. They are increasingly looking for more variety in their pursuit of unique designs.

Here are some trends that you can follow for inspiration.

The Smart Kitchen


With technology, you can always expect innovation and the development of new smart appliances at a rapid pace. With today’s standard of living, Wi-Fi ready appliances can give you the ease of controlling your kitchen from afar. Steam ovens and vacuum drawers are a few of the many smart inventions to make your everyday living a tad better. You will be surprised at how steam ovens make cooking faster and convenient enabling to retain the flavour of the food being prepared. The Amazon Dash Button and Google Home have become a necessity in the kitchen. All at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, homeowners can order products, play music, set reminders or find out recipes!

Cabinet Colors


White vs. Grey! White is always a distinctly popular color among homeowners as it is truly appreciated for its clean and refreshed look. It adds on to the appearance of your kitchen space especially when it gets cluttered. White cabinets are elegant, beautiful and timeless and should remain so for the years to come. Grey cabinets are also in the popular zone mostly either a second choice or alternative for many. It has a versatile function and works well with natural elements, glamour accents, or none at all.

Multifunctional trough sink

What’s the good in the use of a multifunctional trough sink? It can be used for almost anything from chilling champagne or wine, growing herbs and of course as a traditional sink to prepare food at too. It looks classic and can be added as an aesthetic appeal for the eyes. Many homeowners find this as a favourite.


Handleless doors have been a common favourite among homeowners in 2017’s kitchen. Handles are now coming back and if you are a fan of coppers/rose golds, you can endorse your shaker style kitchen with its traditional-vintage design. This is not the usual everyday stainless steel and black handles that many conventionally opt for. Also, move a step ahead by matching these handles with accessories that fit the complete look of your kitchen style.

Choosing bold and vibrant color schemes

The Scandinavian design, style includes sudden visuals of bright color, supporting maximalism. It comes with many color clashes or color blocking to spruce up your kitchen interior. Homeowners can make use of color to reflect their personalities and needs. For instance, you can match different color schemes for different spaces in the kitchen. The space for dining can be light and bright providing an appropriate environment even for guests when they visit.

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