5 tips to brighten up your work desk

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5 ways to brighten up your work desk

Want to freshen up your work environment and get inspired by your work space every single day? Forget 3pm slouches and leaning on your elbows in boredom. As soon as you add these simple yet energising work desk accessories, you’ll immediately feel a boost of positive energy.

  1. Flowers Galore

They say that your desk should be a reflection of your personality. And there isn’t a better way to represent your character more beautifully than with a vase overflowing with lovely and bright bloom. Flowers are an inexpensive way to make your work desk bright, chic and gorgeous. You can always scour for flowers online or get a weekly subscription from your online florist to save you the hassle of heading physically to the shop.

The rule is, if it matches your color theme, emits an enchanting smell, you’re certainly right on track to start your day. Besides, being around nature and flowers, is said to improve moods as humans  have an intense emotional impact upon seeing colours, and flowers are great catalysts for a start.

  1. Jazz Up Color Files

We all hate seeing tons of paperwork scattered all over the desk, because it brings in unnecessary tension into our already busy and hectic work schedule. Try to organise your space with file storage, but make sure to jazz them up by either buying them in a pattern with vivid and playful colors, or decorate them with bright paper yourself. It will help you stay organized and a lot more relaxed depending on the pattern you choose.

  1. Family and Friends

Wouldn’t it be fun to bring your best friend to work every day? Okay, so your best friend doesn’t exactly classify as usual decor, but pictures of your family and friends does. Try and make these picture frames quirky and fun, and choose photos that never fail to bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Those typical fluorescent office lights seem to suck out all of your energy for the day. To bring some more warmth and radiance into your workspace, why not get a lamp with a full spectrum bulb that simulates natural light. Your space will immediately seem less gray and dull, and more warm and cozy.

  1. Inspirational Thoughts

If you’re a Pinterest junkie, you probably have a board or two (or maybe seven) dedicated to inspirational quotes. Transfer your favorite quotes onto paper and frame them. Whether they can be placed on the wall, on the desk, or as a desk cover, not only will they make the space unique and personal, but will motivate you when you’re absolutely stuck in a rut.

Since a vast majority of us spend our days sitting behind a desk, take the first step to making that experience less dull. Personalise your space with either one of these ideas, or, if you’re feeling especially motivated, with all of them! Time to make your work desk, your personal oasis.

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