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How to create your perfect Yoga space

perfect yoga space
How to create the perfect yoga space

The art of yoga requires a clear mind, steady breathing and the perfect yoga space should be a serene, uncluttered area. Here are some essentials you may need to build your very own meditation garden.

1. Find your zen

Declutter a room at home or a even just a corner and start from there. The recommended area should be just the right amount of space for you to stretch, lay down and roll over once or twice, it should not make you feel confined or trapped. If space is an issue, try a room with open windows that will help it feel more roomy. Meditate on that space, breathe in its aura for a while and make sure it suits.

2. Get support

Yoga bolsters are an essential you should not meditate without. It goes without saying that most standard sized bolsters can offer the same support, but to really get the most of a good yoga session, a semi-firm bolster works best when you’re performing and perfecting any moves.

perfect yoga space
Image from, and product available at Madana’s Eco Yoga Bolster.

3. Lay down a mat

Keep in mind that while you want to get a sturdy mat, you also want one that’s almost light enough to take flight on. While doing poses, a lot of weight gets shifted to the point of contact on the ground so  you want to pick a mat that provides enough cushioning. Hardwood floors or normal tiles just won’t do, they put strain on your bones and without the grip, you’ll just start slipping with every pose.

perfect yoga space
Image from, and product available at Manduka’s Eko Lite Mat Marble Ltd Edition 4mm, Verde

4. Light it up

Aromatherapy – the best kind of therapy. Ignite your sense of smell with a scented candle. Whether it be the calm smell of the ocean or an earthy blend of flora and ginger, find a smell that eases you to your safe space and relaxes your muscle. We suggest a scent that’s not too strong and overpowering like Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense or Pine!

perfect yoga space
Image from, and product available at Ashley & Co Waxed Perfume Tui & Kahili

5. Take a seat

Sitting still for a long time can get uncomfortable. With an appropriate meditation cushion, you can rest easy and relax your mind sitting in peace. When it’s downtime, get cosy on a plush, warm seat.

perfect yoga space
Image from, and product available at Manduka Meditation Cushion.

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