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5 changes to make in the bedroom for a much happier sleep

There are days when you get back from a long day and just want to get an early night, but instead you spend hours tossing and turning, fighting with the sheets, but never falling asleep! We understand how frustrating this can get, as it happens to us too. So, for us all, here are 5 changes to make in your bedroom for a better sleep.

1. Let there be NO light

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Don’t look into the light. Image: www.hmdeco.com.sg

The bedroom environment should be elemental to induce sleep, and having little to no light is the perfect way to herd the slumber sheep. Living in the city may have its perks but light pollution is a constant problem, whether it’s from neighbours or from street lamps.

The simplest way to deal with this is to get a window shade. Black-out curtains usually do the job but Korean Rainbow Blinds are this century’s most stylish alternative. They can be adjusted to your liking – so if you want to completely black out your room or prefer to have just a little bit of light in, these blinds are Home+Living’s tip for you to bring home.

2. What’s that smell?

better sleep
Take long deep breaths… exhale slowly.

Moving through the senses from sight to smell. Making use of scent diffusers and candles in your room can do wonders to help you fall asleep more easily. Scents like lavender, jasmine, chamomile and vanilla are the most common scents associated with calming and relaxing your body. Time for bed?

3. An organic solution

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Now that’s a pillow.

Buckwheat pillows! Now that’s something you don’t hear very often. These pillows are an organic way to get a good night’s sleep. Perfect for people who toss and turn a lot in bed too, these buckwheat hulls provide supple and flexible support, and so much better than the synthetic stuff they sell on shelves these days. A traditional method that has become more popular in the last decade.

4. Block the sound out

better sleep
Peace and tranquility is the only way to get better sleep.

For most, the sound of traffic or neighbours yelling may be inescapable – especially when you’re living in the city. The best way to counter all that harsh noise is to insulate your room. Not entirely, of course. If you live in an apartment with neighbours below, thick rugs help dampen the sound coming from below and muffle out creaks and steps if your partner wakes up in the middle of the night for a late-night snack.

5. Leave your belongings at the door

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That message can wait till morning, you know. It’s 3am anyway.

Finally, remove any distracting items that may hinder you from falling asleep. That means all electronic devices. Yes, I’m sorry, this includes your smart phone. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, you should never sleep with your phone next to the bed. It reports that eight out of ten of us sleep with our phone on next to our bed and experts have said that this can severely disrupt our sleep and can lead to insomnia and other sleeping problems. .

So, clear the area next to your bed, put your handphone, tablet and laptop in your bag. Better still, declutter your room! A tidy bedroom brings a healthy mind and this will bring you much better sleep.


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