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Tips to Choose the Right Mattress for Optimal Snooze

Mattresses affect one’s sleep quality in various ways. Check out these tips given by a spokesperson from Simmon Mattress so you’ll be able to get the right mattress for better shut-eye.

First things first, the size of your mattress matters! This is especially true when two single persons come together in a marriage. We recommend couples to go for king size if bedroom size permits as (i) two single-sized mattresses make up one king-sized mattress and (ii) in a king-sized mattress, the motion transfer effect is lesser compared to a queen-sized mattress.

You should remember to look for a good mattress with excellent conformability as it refers to how well the mattress adjusts to the shape of your body to provide support and reduce pressure points. That said, we recommend the change of mattress not to be too drastically different from the existing mattress as our body will need time to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

The cushy feeling you experience as you lie down is due to the plushness that comes from layers of foams, fibres and even natural materials like latex, cashmere, silk or wool on top of the coil unit. These layers add to conformability to give the mattress that special touch appeal. These layers also act as insulations and contribute to the firmness of mattress. Plushness also differs in the type of quilting pattern of a mattress. A tight-top mattress that has flatter and tighter sleep surface finish provides a firmer feel while a plush-top, denoted by deep quilted top panel with larger and bolder patterns give a plusher feel. A pillow-top denoted with a built-on pillow pad provided added comfort and luxury and a super pillow-top provides a lofty feel as it has more natural in-fills added.

If you have a prior back condition, it is important to make it known at the point of purchase and be recommended a mattress with good support. Supportiveness is how well your weight is distributed by your mattress. The more you weigh, the more support you need as support and firmness go hand-in-hand. Firmness is the resistance the coils offer when your body compresses them. To put it simply, firmness is how the coils push up when you lie down.

These tips first appeared on pages 34 to 35 of Home + Living, Issue 22.

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