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Get Started – Decluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Therefore, cooking, meal planning and eating will be much less stressful when your kitchen is organised and clutter-free. Here’s how:

If you do not use it daily, put it away.

I am not a fan of appliances on the counter – at all. It does not take much effort to put things away and take them back out again. The only appliance that lives on my counter is my electric kettle. Some people may argue for the toaster to be kept on the counter, but does one really eat that much of a toast? How about taking it out only when you need it? After using, put any appliances back into their proper storage spaces and neatly wrap their cords. However, if an appliance keeps ending up on your counter top, consider moving it permanently to an easier-to-reach spot in your kitchen cabinets.

Store items in the cabinets in a logical manner.

Imagine yourself using your kitchen before you decide where to store your dishes. It makes much more sense to have your dishes stored near your dishwasher rather than across the kitchen. Your coffee pot is probably better near to your sink; your spices and pots near to the stove, napkins and place mats as close to your eating area as possible.

Ensure that the things that are visible are neat and orderly.

If you have glass front cabinets or open shelving, this is the place to store your pretty glassware. Decorative baskets can be used for hiding things that might not be attractive.

Pay attention to the details.

Straighten the shelves in your kitchen cabinets and pantry by ensuring all of your jars and bottles are facing front and stacked neatly. Put your canned goods away with the label facing forward. Find a place to store and organise your mail, other than the kitchen counter.

Do not be afraid to toss things away.

Kitchen things seem to multiply on their own overnight. Go through your things with a critical eye, and get rid of those that you do not use. Do you have older pots and pans that you are not using? Cheap knives that do not even cut? Hundreds of plastic water bottles? Get those out of the kitchen and reclaim that space.

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