5 design tips you can use in your home

1.Bedroom should feel soothing. Avoid having a pair of the same table lamps. Try using two smaller table lamps for one of the bedside tables.

2. Get a minibar. Says Gracinha: “This is a good treat for a master suite, and so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night if you need something.”

3.  Add drama to the room. Use wallpaper on the ceiling instead of the back bed wall. It is fun to look at while you’re lying down, but choose one you won´t get frustrated with easily.

4. Use soft, even lighting. And all shades or lights should be of the same colour to smoothen the mood of the room, too.

5. Amp up you bed. To make your bedroom look more like a hotel suite, Gracinha suggested a thick, fluffy bed, complete with mattress protector, duvet, and even throws. She says: “This is a simple item that you can change and have at home.”

As the successor to the Viterbo Interior Design group, Gracinha Viterbo is a well-respected figure in the industry. She is also behind the design and planning of many hotels and resorts worldwide.

This article was originally published in Home + Living issue 18.

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