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Papered Walls

Can you wallpaper a bathroom? Wallpaper is a stylish addition to any the bathroom and adds a certain classiness if done right. Choose thicker, vinyl-coated wallpaper meant just for the bathroom which can lasts from 7 to 10 years. To improve water resistance, put a layer or two of clear acrylic varnish on the walls.

If done right, wallpaper can make a small space seem larger and more opulent. A great way to include interest in the bathroom would be to paper the wall around the basin and mirror, usually the focal point of each bathroom. Accents from the chrome of the faucet can be carried through in a metallic sheen on the wallpaper for a more distinguished uniformed look.

Graphic symmetrical prints are also making a comeback lending a great edginess to a modern bathroom. While traditionally, wainscotting and wallpaper are great complements and are never seen without each other in a home, in a modern bathroom, large tiles or mosaic are the new complements to graphic wallpaper. Push the modernist envelope further by including elements of popart in your choice of wallpaper.

Who says an oriental style bathroom can’t be zen with wallpaper? Chinois style wallpaper designs can lend a zen feel to a bathroom with muted colours and it brings nature in for a calming, relaxing experience.

The Don’ts 

Steam rises so don’t paper over the shower area or the tub area. These may cause the glue to give way over time and you might find your paper peeling off in increments. It’s also wise to have a roll of extra wallpaper as backup in case you need to do quick fixes.

Make sure water is not directly sprayed on the wallpaper. In most HDB homes, moisture is a problem in the bathroom as there are little segregation between the shower area and the toilet. Hence, floors are always damp with water. It’s a great idea to place wallpaper on higher ground.

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