Brighter Brighton Bathroom

We are a tropical country with a famous island resort (read: Sentosa!) so add a bit of beach-inspired design into your bathroom in lieu of our National Day.

Rather than the typical Asian resort style design that’s been done to death, embrace the nautical airiness of Brighton Beach in your bathroom.

1. Baby Blues

Splashes of baby blue mimics the enviable hue of the sky over Brighton. A bold statement can be made by painting an accent wall with the colour. The key is not to weigh down the space with an assault of colour but rather introduce it in small splashes like in a bowl or glass containers.



2. Regular Stripes

Embed the nautical feel into the bathroom with striped towels. Taking the wall treatment further, you can also opt to stencil stripes onto the wall, taking care that each line is perfectly straight. While the lines have to be straight, a little bit of playfulness by leaving the edges rough can add character to the space.

3. Wooden Chair

The classic sun decks by the beach can be represented in a wooden chair that doubles up as a table top. On it you can store towels or bath essentials that you need quick access to especially on your way to soak in the tub.

4. Pebbly Beach

Pebbles are a mainstay of beaches in Brighton and these are a quirky addition to your bathroom. Rather than bringing pebbles in, purchase bath salts that come in pebble form and bright pastel colours. When placed in a clear glass, it automatically brightens up a bathroom.

5. Straw Baskets

Straw baskets are great additions to a nautical-themed bathroom which doubles up as great storage for your bath essentials. The loofahs, odds and ends, if kept in the same woodsy colour family draw a parallel to the wooden huts lining Brighton Beach .

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