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2 Minute Clean Fixes For Busy Mornings

In the bathroom, form a consistent routine so that grime won’t pile up in your home at the end of the week. All you need is a washcloth, brush, soap and water spray on top of 2 minutes in the morning. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Tub or Shower (time check= 15 seconds)

After your bath, use a washcloth and some cleansing soap to get rid of the filmy ring around the tub and rinse it out. It’s best to clean this out after each use to prevent the discolouration from the bathwater from becoming a permanent fixture of your home. If you’re using a shower, wipe off the faucet and shower head before replacing it.

2. Mirror and Sink (time check = 30 seconds)

Wipe out the sink after use with the washcloth. By wiping away all moisture, this prevents mould from forming on the surface of the basin as they aren’t able to grow in a dry environment. When inhaled mould can be exceedingly dangerous for homeowner’s health. Since the mirror is a reflective surface too, it benefits from the same treatment.

3. Door Frame (time check = 30 seconds)

Hose down the door frame and apply soap liberally. Use the brush to dislodge any grime around the edges of the door frame and spray water all over it. Use the washcloth to absorb the access water in a clean jiffy.

4. Toilet Bowl (time check = 30 seconds)

Hose down the toilet bowl after use and wipe down its seat and toilet rim with the washcloth. Dump soap down the bowl and swirl the brush around for a sweet-smelling bowl. Flush and you’re done.

5. Washcloth Rinse (time check = 15 seconds)

Put soap on the washcloth and knead and twist the cloth making sure the soap gets into all parts of the cloth. Rinse the cloth and twist to get rid of access water. Hang to dry on your railing for the next use.

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