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4 Ways to Make Working From Home Work

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A clearly designated home office is key for those who clock in hours at home, instead of at the office. Here are some ideas to create a conducive work environment at home.


1. Set up

Invest in the right hardware and furniture you need for your line of work, such as an all-in-one printer, an ergonomic chair or a corner desk unit.


2. Ensure proper lighting

For task lighting, an LED desk lamp does the job efficiently. This variety of bulb is substantially more energy efficient than typical bulbs, and is much more beneficial for your eyesight.


3. Protect your business assets

Shield your assets from the harmful effects of UV exposure at home, which include the fading or degrading of plastic, rubber, or leather materials. We love the 3M Prestige Window Films, which uses micro-thin polyester films that are designed to block up to 97 per cent of the harsh sunlight’s infrared heat. What’s more, the anti-glare properties also make reading paper documents easier, and increase legibility on laptop and computer screens.


4. Plan your chores

Have a good routine for housekeeping, planning meals and shopping. If need be, hire a part-time cleaner. Also, set boundaries, lay down rules and set good work habits for yourself by making your working hours clear.


For more tips on designing your home office, check out pages 86 and 87 of Issue 21.

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