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Fallproof The Home

The old adage prevention is cure holds true when preventing home accidents and falls from happening in your house.

When considering the design of your home, it is easy to put these tiny measures into place. Here are 10 home safety tips as recommended by the Department of Occupational Therapy at Singapore General Hospital.

1. Use non-slip mats with suction into the bathroom and other wet areas. Replace them regularly as the suction cups may fall out or lose its sticking abilities over time.

2. Showers are a hazardous slippery zone and it is to provide gripping surfaces for the elderly with little mobility. Ensure that a person sits on a steady chair that is placed against the wall during showers.

3. With terrible eyesight, one may not be able to spot raised floor edges causing trips to happen. Place bright coloured tape on a raised floor edge to make it easier to spot.

4. This one is for the kids, furniture seats should ideally be at knee height and both feet should touch the floor when one sits down.

5.  Remove any loose mats that are dangerous when dragged and entangled underfoot. Alternatively, stick the underside of the mats or carpets with double sided tape to ensure that the edges flush to the floor and it doesn’t move about too much.

6.  Clear clutter that obstruct walkways. Storage space is a great investment and keep your home visually tidy.

7. Secure messy electrical cords and telephone wires with a cable tie.

8. Place commonly used items within easy reach of all members in the home. When lifting something beyond reach and it is wise not to try to climb onto chairs and tables to reach them on your own. Ask another for help, or use a long-handled reacher to pick up inaccessible objects.

9. Ensure there is sufficient lighting in your home and the great news is that brighter lights also reduces feelings of depression in the elderly and improves sleep quality.

10. Bad vision is the number one reason for most accidents so  place a night lamp next to your bed and between your bedroom and toilet so you won’t have to go bump in the night.

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