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The Perfect Support

Tips on picking the perfect mattress for back support. The average person spends 30% of their lives sleeping and so the proper mattress support cannot be overlooked.

To some people, the right mattress is a firm on with great support but for another, a for, mattress may risk discomfort and a fitful night’s sleep. Hence, the right mattress depends on your own preferences. At the store, pay special attention to the heaviest part of your body, namely your hips, shoulders and lower back to check if they are well-supported. In the long run, you may develop chronic back pain because of a wrong mattress, these are some considerations while mattress-hunting to provide back support.


For years, coils are considered to be the prime agent for proper back support. When picking a pocketed spring coil mattress, take note that pocketed spring coils or inner springs of a mattress comes in different thickness. A lower gauge number denotes thicker, stiffer wire and a firmer mattress. Likewise, a 12 gauge wire is thicker than 15 gauge wire and provides firmer support.

As a standard, find a mattress with more than 300 coils with a minimum of 13 gauge wire for great support. The more turns in the coils, the more resilient the coil is making the mattress last longer. With more turns, the mattress allows the weight of the sleeper to be distributed across more wire ensuring better support for a good night’s sleep.

Memory Foam 

Apart from coils, foam mattresses too have undergone changes and technology have made them significantly better over the years. In the mid 1960s, memory foam was designed to be used for NASA airplane seats. The substance called viscoelastic was both soft and absorbent and reacts to heat and pressure which evenly distributes the body weight.

When a person lies on the memory foam the heat from the body softens the foam in appropriate points. This helps support the natural curvature of the body where the heavier lower portions of the body sinks deeper into the mattress while the upper body maintains support. It also minimises motion transfer which is especially handy if you are sharing a bed with a fidgety sleeper.

For those who prefer sleeping in a colder room, the memory foam may not conform to your body shape as fast as you would want it to. As it changes shape based on body heat, a person who would like to stay cool while asleep may have initial problems using the memory mattress.

Memory Foam Hybrid

Some mattress manufacturers like Serta have come up with a type of mattress that combines the best qualities of an innerspring coil mattress and the memory foam. The end result is a bottom layer of innerspring coil base with the top layer of memory foam mattress. As the top layer of memory foam is denser than regular foam, they are more durable with longer warranties.

While the exact benefits of the hybrid mattress remains to be seen, it does seem like a merging of the best of both worlds.

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