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Germy Habits In the Bedroom

If we could only see through microscopic eyes, we’d be freaked out by the amount of microorganisms in our midst. Here are some of the habits to kick to the curb in the bedroom for bacteria-free sleep.


Putting Handbag on the Bed

Your handbag have been to many places and if like me, the bottom of your bag may have seen the bottom of restaurant floors, under work desks and even gravel of the carpark. Hence, it’s plain to see that the bag’s rife with germs and bacteria. Kick this habit and place a table specially for your bag next to your bed. It’s great if you can wipe your purse off with an anti-bacterial wipe after you’ve walked through the front door.

Tardiness in Washing The Sheets

Believe it or not, your sheets are a hot bed for very tiny creatures called dust mites. These creatures eat dead skin cells and live and die on the same sheets you sleep in causing you to develop allergy to them or even resulting in a lowered immune system. Other bodily fluids like saliva, blood, sweat and oils may collect on your sheets for a long time til you get your butt to doing the laundry.

Throwing Clean Clothes on the Floor

Mornings may have you dashing about and pulling clothes on and off in a stew of indecision. Hands up if the morning’s result in a mess of clean clothes left on the floor. The bad news is that your carpet may be teaming with bacteria especially if you haven’t done the vacuuming in a while turning your clean clothes teaming with bacteria-laden and meant for the laundry bin after.

Eating A Sandwich in Bed

It’s really awesome to be able to tuck into a sandwich while watching your favourite film in bed. Makes for a great sunday morning but really the crumbs and food particles left behind by your meal may attract new bed mates, the bugs.

Allowing your dog in bed

Fido, he’s the love of your life but he’s been probably poking around in the outside world. Who knows where his paws have been and when was the last time you gave him his bath? Worst still if he’s carrying fleas, ticks and allergens, that spells big trouble for you.

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