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Soundproof Snooze

With the long weekend upon us, it’s the perfect time to catch some shut eye. After all, we’ve done some major lifting for the nation in our day job. Here’s some solutions to keep out the noise from the street, keeping the buzz around your sleeping space to a bare whisper. 

1. On The Double 


Regular windows don’t offer much soundproofing protection as noise travels through the glass pane quite prolifically. Opt for double-glazed windows which consists of a vacuum between two glass panes and this same inert gas prevents noise from outside the home from infiltrating in.

2. Heavy Does The Trick

Full heavy drapes have heavy panels that absorb sound and are usually found in orchestra halls. These velvet drapes can be used in conjunction with heavier liners for enduring soundproofing and making a great baroque statement to your home.

3. Bounces At The Door

Sturdier materials like oak wood do a great job at keeping noise out but if you find that even a wooden door is no match to shut out the noise, you may want to pad the inside of the door with soundproof materials like vinyl or sound blankets.

4. Address Gaps

The gap between your threshold and bottom of your door can cause noise to infiltrate in. Invest in a rubber flange or sealant to seal up the doors good and tight. Door sweeps are also good gap fillers that keep the dust out of the bedroom.

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