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6 Best Pantone Colours For A Baby’s Room

Pastel doesn’t have to be the go-to colour for a baby’s room. in fact, a nursery with a perfect balance of warm and cool colours are the latest trends in wall treatment. Strike out on owning these hues from Pantone and welcome the newest addition to your family in style.


Violet Tulle + Barely Pink 

For the traditional parents, a pairing of purple and pink are classic favourites in a little girl’s room. Light purple stimulates imagination and has a calming effect on the human brain. Pink, while popular with parents, may seem calming at first but prolonged exposure may agitate a baby as the warm colour energises.

When combining purple and pink, take care to paint the wall on the side of the crib your baby sees purple to provide a serene ambience for the little tyke to doze off. The pink side is ideal as an accent wall providing an energising colour for play.

Spectra Yellow + Blue Atoll

Yellow is an energising colour that stimulates a child’s intellect and evokes cheerfulness. While a whole room of bright sunshine yellow may be overwhelming for a kids, accent splashes of yellow in a pale hue energising the room. When paired with a cooler colour like blue, the room works in providing a calm ambience with a dash of excitement. Blue creates a cooling haven for the little tyke to beat the humidity.

Angel Blue + Silver Blue

A combination of turquoise and steel grey is a sophisticated one for a nursery. The good news is that this colour palette can take your child through most of his life. The colour heals and promotes relaxation much like how it is to be surrounded by nature. Grey evokes stability but can also evoke feelings of sadness so a perfect shade would be one with a metallic tinge like Silver Blue.

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