Staying For The Night

If you are one to throw huge parties and have your friends stay the night, there is nothing more welcoming for your pals than a comfortable guest bedroom. So before the huge partying starts, get into the spirit early by making the cosiest guest room with these tips.

Welcome Treat

Food is always welcoming. Create a jar of goods by filling it up with a variety of colourful candies. Opt for longer-lasting foods, such as mints and hard candies, which will not go stale easily.

Twin, Please

Consider opting for twin beds rather than a single large mattress. This way, your guests can choose to sleep apart or together by simply pushing the two beds together. On top of that, make sure the night tables are at the side rather than in between.

Convenient Closet

On top of ample closet space, provide sufficient hangers so guests can hang their garments. The closet does not need to be huge, but just enough for a few hanging apparels and folded ones. A standalone would be perfect.


Nothing beats snuggling up for a comfortable read. If the room allows for it, have a chaise lounger that makes ideal for that.

For Vanity’s Sake

Clear the dressing table before guests arrive so they have space for their toiletries. Take it up a notch by also providing the beauty essentials, such as cotton pads, cotton swabs and tissues.

Smells Like Heaven

Guest rooms are left empty most of the time. Air it out once in a while and spray air fresheners to keep it smelling good. Put up the candles or pour some aromatherapy oils before the guests arrive. Stock some extras in their cupboard so guests can use freely.

Fluff Factor

Rows and rows of pillows are great in making the bed look exceptionally cosy. Plus, it gives your guests the freedom to choose the style that suits their sleeping preferences best. It is always good to give more.

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