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3 Ways To Cleaner Air At Home

1. Block out allergens

The number one anti-allergy move is to keep the triggers at bay. If you’re allergic to dust mites, leave the doors and windows open; if your enemy is pollen, keep them shut whenever you can, says Leonard Bielory, a professor of allergy and immunology at Rutgers University in the US. Then, run the air-conditioner on the “recyle” setting, which filters the air that’s indoors. “That will trap any particles that did sneak inside, says Dr Eric Schenkel, a US-based clinical assistant professor of medicine.
2. Enhance your air-con
Air-conditioners: who can’t live without them especially in our humidity and hot weather? One of the world’s most important inventions just got a jab of ingenuity with the 3M Filtrete. This electrostatically charge polypropylene fibres is basically cut and inserted into your existing air-con filters. It works like magic, allowing it to attract and trap air-borne particle and filters up to 97 per cent of pollutants in indoor air. In fact, it is able to effectively attract and trap particles that are less than one micron in size. There are three versions in the market today: micro-allergens reduction filters, odour-reducing carbon filter and pre-cut micro-allergen reduction. Replace the filter every two months, so there’s no maintenance or cleaning required.
3. Invest in a true HEPA air purifier
Many allergy sufferers are also bothered by bad air caused by the worsened haze conditions. To breathe easier, invest in a true HEPA air purifier, which filters out aggravating indoor particulate pollutants. A good pick: 3M’s latest contraptions will be something to consider if you want to breathe clean air.  The newly launch air purifiers (three models in total) will help to cater to various room sizes and/or budgets. The smallest of the lot is the MFAC-01 which has been proven to have a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 231 or about 107 sqft. The mid-range FAP02 offers a CADR of 340 and purifies a room size of 150 sqft while the top-of-the-line FAP03 has a CADR of 802 and purifies a 366-square-foot room easily. All three models aren’t noisy whirring silently from 41 to 52 decibels.

A thing to note about buying air purifiers is about the HEPA filters. Some manufacturers go bust so finding a replace is nearly impossible while others do not sell true HEPA filters. Always look for “True HEPA” logo on the box before considering a purchase. 3M Filtrete filters for its air purifiers are 5 per cent more effective than HEPA filters at attracting pollen particles. 3M’s Filtrete is made of polypropylene fibres and are electrostatically charged and they work like magic to attract and trap air particles less than one micron. Best of all, it filters 99.9 per cent of pollutants in indoor air, allowing you to have peace of mind. 3M touts its air purifiers to be 24 per cent more effective in the capture rate for pollen. “It is recommended to turn it on at full capacity for one hour in the room before you retire for the night. That’s how to work these air purifiers,” explains Xu Wei Yi, assistant marketing manager of 3M Technologies Singapore.

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