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Smart Bedroom Storage Solutions

Are you constantly having to deal with clutter in your bedroom? With a few smart storage solutions, you can create a room that works well for you, no matter how small the space.  
If you’re one who loves to keep up with the fashion trends, you will probably need plenty of space in the house for your apparels, accessories and shoes.
Before you decide on the kind of storage solution for your bedroom, take a look at your clothes and decide whether you need more hanging space or drawer space, and what length the majority of your clothes are. Some wardrobes have adjustable hanging rails, or not at all. Half height rails will only work for shirts and folded trousers. The wardrobe also needs to be deep enough for broad-shouldered items such as blazers.
If you are sharing a wardrobe with a partner, make sure that there is adequate hanging space for you. A fully integrated storage system is the next best thing to a walk-in wardrobe if you do not have a huge bedroom. This usually comes with shoe racks, trouser rails, tie hangers, drawer dividers and shelf-space already built in. You may usually change the configuration of these to suit your needs.
Use vertical space to your advantage, especially if your room is small – remember to build upwards rather than outwards. You might also want to consider floor-to-ceiling shelves to hold your reading essentials and decorative ornaments.
Modular wardrobes are another good solution, as you can add or remove units to suit your changing needs or even buy ones that fit into a corner. For cramped bedrooms, using string curtains or sliding doors would be a better choice.
There is plenty of functional and ergonomic furniture in the market designed for all your storage needs. You might want to consider a bed with drawers or shelves under them, or behind the headboard.

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