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A Tween-Friendly Bedroom

Designing a Room for the Tweens is never easy. Ikea’s latest range of furniture for children 8 to 12 year olds simplifies the equation for new age parents.

Discover the world from a child’s perspective with furnishing ideas and solutions for tweens, tested and modified by peers. Empowering them with a space that speaks of their personalities, tweens now have over 70 furniture pieces to choose from.

When designing for a savvy, opinionated tween, keep in mind you’re not really calling the shots anymore. Start by browsing design books, magazines, websites and catalogues together in search of inspiration.

Head down to furniture stores together to shortlist the major details like furniture, textile, colour palettes and design choices. Try not to make any rash decisions, as tweens can be very fickle. Instead, offer your child options you can both live with – then, let them choose from among them.

Here are some must-haves when planning for a Tween-friendly room:


For best results, wait till the paint job is done before shopping for bedding. Avoid music or TV show-branded bedding as these culture changes so quickly it will be very costly to keep up with the latest.


Give your child the freedom to express his or her creativity through wall art, as long as it is not offensive and inappropriate for their age. Consider purchasing frames to give it a more professional and hyped up look.


For a wallet-friendly and timeless wardrobe, install a ventilated wire wardrobe organization system that includes a drawer unit for any miscellaneous items.


Pick a comfortable size that will be able to accommodate the increased workload in school.

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