IKEA FY2020 Catalogue – Solutions for Easy Living!

IKEA recently launched its Catalogue for FY2020. Its commercial focus this year is the quintessential bedroom, the one room which should ideally conjure up images of restful sleep, comfort and warmth even when we think of it sitting in our offices or even when we are miles away!

Sleep Easy with IKEA

At the catalogue launch, IKEA’s designers and spokespersons emphasized how IKEA’s focus is in providing solutions for sleep deprived Singaporeans (a recent study concluded that 4 in 10 people are get less than 7 hours of snooze time) not just through comfortable mattresses and durable beds but also through storage solutions that cut the clutter at home and affordable décor that pleases the eye!

It is no secret that the more welcoming the home, the more pleasing and huggable your bed linen, the more comfy your mattress your snooze time would be more restful. And it is also no secret that the more restful our sleep, the less grumpy are our mornings and the more productive are our days!

IKEA’s FY2020 ticks all the right boxes with its bedroom makeover ideas. With bed frames that carry in built storage boxes such as the MALM bedframe at $429 {Pg97} or the SONGESAND bedframe at only $399 [Pg101} and mattresses that are affordable, comfortable and come with a guarantee of 25 years such as the HAMARVIK sprung mattress [Pg 106], you cannot go wrong.
Check out the new catalogue to look for more solutions to make your bedroom a sleep haven and your bed a sleep magnet.

“Easy Change” with IKEA

IKEA’s new catalogue is also to motivate Singaporeans to be more bold, experimental and inspired to make little changes in their homes every day or at least regularly. IKEA challenges you to quit the tedium and make use of IKEA’s catalogue with its new furniture, décor and textiles to refresh your bedroom and your entire home at affordable prices.
There are 6 different homes in the new IKEA catalogue – part of The Lab Home experiment, all of which epitomize the essential elements of a home- comfort, security, ownership and privacy. These homes started with the same base and the same elements and along the way absorbed the personal hues of the people living within, finally metamorphosing into 6 unique homes- each beautiful and amazing in its own way! Check out the aesthetics of these homes from different parts of the world [Pgs 10to 66] in the Catalogue and pick up a style and make it yours!

Smart and bright solutions from IKEA

Sustainable Solutions from IKEA

IKEA has always been at the forefront of solutions that are sustainable and environment friendly. Taking this philosophy further, is the drive for a complete LED changeover. LED bulbs consume up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. And to make it more attractive, IKEA has slashed prices by 33% across 14 bulbs from the IKEA RYET and LEDARE LED range. The IKEA RYET bulbs are available from a low price of $3.99 per pair and can be used in most homes.

New Collections from IKEA including Handicrafts

Some of the exciting collections launched in the new catalogue are the Markerad, Varmer & Hantverk collections that are designed to make a statement in your home.
Hantverk literally means handicraft in Swedish. This collection features creations from artisans belonging to Thailand, India, Jordan and Romania.

Some of the artisans featured include:

Kiang Aitao from Doi Tung DP, Thailand a skillful ceramist who started with pottery and is now responsible for the glazing of the HANTVERK products.
Kavitha Nagaraj, a basket weaver from Madurai, India who has scaled up her skills to become a quality controller for Industree, IKEA’s partner.
Abeer Almnajed, who was a make-up artist in Syria but had to flee the war-torn country and is now rebuilding her family’s life working as a Seamstress with the Jordan River Foundation.

From baskets, throws, textiles and ceramic pots, every Hantverk item is a reflection of both the local tradition and the Scandinavian culture. These items also hold in their hearts life changing stories, of successful collaborations, sustainable livelihoods for villagers and empowerment of local women such as Kavitha, Abeer and Kiang.

customers can access the new IKEA Catalogue at the IKEA stores or visit IKEA.sg/e-catalogue to view the digital version of the IKEA Catalogue.

Go on, grab a copy and make that change today!

Read more at https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/ideas/whats-new-with-the-ikea-catalogue-pub381c7531