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Home Living Trends for 2019 and Beyond

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By Puja Chandra Nanda

We are in the eighth month of the year (the seventh by the lunar calendar) but it is not late to catch up on the home living trends for the year if you haven’t applied them to your home and work place yet. Designers are predicting that many of the trends of this year will go beyond 2019 as they are futuristic and sustainable.

Right from wallpapers to furniture and décor – oversized, bold and dramatic works well in the “Year of the Pig”. Mixed patterns and mixed metallic accents are in, so if you want to create an impression with your house; set your imagination free and move away from the conventional- one pattern and paired color look.

Following are some of the home living trends for 2019 and Beyond:

Geometric Patterns– Floral patterns are out. Geometric patterns are in. Go wild with shapes- choose concentric circles, crazy triangles, staid squares and rectangles. If it is too late to change the décor in the house, put in some oversized geometric throws and cushions to change to a more animated and contemporary look.

Bold Colors– Bold tones are in – wallpaper in a striking color can light up the entire living room. Choose earthy colors and go big on black! Accentuate in fifty shades of grey.  Bring in metallic hues with gold, silver, copper or a steel finish for your furniture and décor. Get inspired by nature- use greens, mustard yellow and orange to add a dash of color to your living space. It’s no wonder that Dulux has picked Spiced Honey – with its warmth and depth as its color of the year. Cooking spaces get more color and zest this year with an artistic, homely feel, far from the clinical look of yester years. Mix and match for a bohemian look!

Rich Textures – Textures such as velvet are still in vogue for their luxurious look and feel.  Added to the list are natural, hand-made, organically dyed products, items made from natural fibers, ceramic and leather for the Au natural look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and then add your personal touch to upholstery.

Sustainable Furniture & Décor- For furniture & décor, it is best to go for eco-friendly products to cut wastage. Sustainable style is what 2019 and the future is all about so upcycled furniture and décor works well. Choose accessories that can individually make a bold statement!  Art deco placed in geometric pattern tastefully on the wall can add to a classy, elegant look.

Go for mixed furniture designs in bold accents. Handcrafted furniture and décor is another futuristic trend.  Furnishings are going natural with wood in light finish while teak and mahagony never go out of vogue. Most interior designers are vouching for using mixed –metals for a more personalized and artistic touch. Play with gold, copper and bronze for a rich, warm look. Angular is in but curved still holds ground.

If you want to add accessories then go for potted plants – these not only add a dash of green but are also good for your health.

The home living trends for 2019 and beyond allow you to experiment more with aesthetics and add your own essence and taste. No longer do you have to fret over perfectly paired sofa covers and rugs or how to match the metal finish on faucets and knobs. Everything goes as long as you don’t overdo it. Another plus is that all your travel souvenirs, vintage rugs and lamps can find a place in your mixed, bohemian decor house.