A Peek Into The Singapore Pavilion at IFA Berlin in September 2019

Home plus Living was invited to the German Center, Singapore along with other media representatives to meet the 9 Singapore- based companies that will showcase their products at IFA Berlin in September, 2019. Here we take a peek into what to expect at the Singapore Pavilion:

Safety Comes First:

1. Whyre is a Singapore based start-up, that has crowd-funded its innovative product—a smart helmet attachment called the Argon-Transform. The I.T Company that specializes in Road Safety Intelligence will be showcasing the World’s First AR (Augmented Reality) Smart Helmet attachment in IFA Berlin. Aimed at enhancing road safety for two wheeled riders such as motorcyclists and that of preventing road accidents, the attachment comes as a two-piece device that can be attached externally to the rider’s helmet. It boasts of a five-megapixel wide-angle camera that can project a live 170-degree rear-view vision of the road onto an eyepiece so the rider can keep track of his blind spots. The eyepiece can also display information such as GPS-enabled maps to assist the rider on the go. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/argontransform

2. Igloohome– is a Singapore based company that has been manufacturing and supplying smart locks and smart lockboxes to over 60 countries around the globe and through online stores. Its primary products have been in the markets for 4 years and the IFA Berlin will be the company’s third IFA showcase. The company has padlocks that can be used in garages, factories and even houses. It has smart locks called the Deadbolt 2S that can be locked and opened either via digital pin code, or via Bluetooth key on a smart phone or a physical key. The company also has smart lock box that can be accessed remotely which is suitable for rental and shared properties such as Airbnb. Read more at https://www.igloohome.co/

Igloohome Smart Lock

Smart Living starts at Home:

1. Aztech– The Aztech Group, headquartered in Singapore have been championing the cause of smart living with their range of electronics & LED lighting products. In IFA Berlin this year, Aztech will be showcasing three innovative products – the Zigbee Light switch, WIFI Smart Station and the Zigbee Button. The Zigbee Light Switch is a smart product that uses the live wires of conventional switches but can be controlled via THE Aztech KylaS app or through voice control, compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The WiFi Smart station is a one-point control for multiple devices and appliances in the house, including temperature and humidity control. Lastly, the Zigbee button is a multi-functional button that can be used to control lights, blinds or even call for assistance. With the help of the app, users can monitor and control devices remotely. In short, Aztech promises to bring smart automation simply to our homes.
Read more at https://www.aztech.com/country/singapore/categories/aztech-home-appliances

2. UHoo –“Breathe easy. Live Freely” is the motto of this Singapore based company that is showcasing its elegant and sleek air sensor at IFA 2019. The Company touts it as the world’s most advanced indoors air sensor. uHoo’s air sensor evaluates the air quality based on 9 vital components, for example the percentage of CO2, percentage of particulate matter and that of other toxins and allergens that can potentially affect our health and well -being. The air sensor can be used in homes, offices and other indoor spaces and only needs an internet connection and a power point to plug the device in. You also get a free uHoo mobile app on iOS or Android once you buy the sensor. Read more at https://uhooair.com/

uHoo Air Purifier

Lifestyle Products for All:

1. Actxa –Singapore based company Actxa has a range of fitness trackers and smart watches to offer to people to motivate them in their fitness journey. The wearables are priced reasonably and compare well with competitors in the market. Actxa would be showcasing its latest smart fitness tracker- the Actxa Spur+ at IFA Berlin. Spur+ comes with features like the VO2 Max and Fitness age tracker that helps you track your True Fitness Age. It also monitors your heart rate, nudges you for workouts through move alerts and monitors your sleep. The tracker along with its synchronized Actxa app allows you to set fitness goals, intensify workouts and work toward achieving a better fitness age. Read more at https://actxa.com/sg/

Actxa Spur & Spur + Fitness Trackers

2. Oaxis Asia– Our kids deserve the best and when it comes to smart living, it’s only fair that they get a part of it too. Oaxis Asia’s products are designed for the younger generation and most products are already been sold island wide and online. The tech products Oaxis would be showcasing at IF Berlin include wearable smart phones with GPS called myFirst Fone, Doodling pens, Drones, Bluetooth Microphones with amplifiers, Headphones, LCD Drawing Pads, Video Cameras, Mini Cameras, iPad cases – all for children below the age of 12. It is a great way to introduce children to the world of hi-tech living and gadgets. Read more at https://shop.oaxis.com/

3. Popsical – a Singapore based company, has come up with the world’s smallest and smartest Karaoke device – Popsical Mix which can be used both privately in homes and in public setups. It is a portable all-in-one karaoke set with one streaming device and two microphones, weighing less than 1 kg and can be connected to any audio box. It is also Singapore’s only legal music streaming company with a huge collection of English, Mandarin and Malay songs in store. Popsical is selling in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Read more at https://popsical.com/

Popsical Remix- Smallest & Smartest Karaoke set

All Things Tech:

1.Trek2000– is a Singapore based Tech- Innovation firm that specializes in large capacity, high-performance SSD’s (Solid State Drive), thumb-drives and other smart data storage solutions. Trek2000 is also working on solutions to regulate the sole temperature in extreme climates. Read more at https://trek2000.com.sg/index.php/productssolution/

2. PUNDI– Is a Singapore based company going global with its blockchain devices and eco system. Pundi prides itself with the world’s 1st blockchain phone, called the XPOS, allowing anyone to trade in digital currency including cryptocurrency anytime. Users can buy, sell trade and pay for digital assets using the XPOS. Pundi also has built an entire ecosystem called the PUNDI X open platform, allowing other merchants and developers to make use of the conducive platform to meet an grow their offline and online crypto user base. The company has already made inroads with over 5000 devices having been shipped out to more than 25 countries across the globe. The company will now be showcasing its revolutionary products in IFA Berlin next month. Read more at https://pundix.com/

The PUNDI XPOS – blockchain device

To know more about the Singapore Pavilion at IFA Berlin, visit https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/search?term=SINGAPORE

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