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BOLD DESIGNS AT CERSAIE 2019 [Ceramics of Italy International Press Conference]

CERSAIE is indisputably the most coveted international event for designers of ceramic and other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings. Cersaie 2019 follows successful events of previous years namely: the CerSea in 2014, the CerStile in 2015, the CerSail Italian Style Concept in 2016, the Milleluci in 2017 and The Sound of Design Italian Style Contract in 2018 which attracted a total of 44,700 visitors and 283 participating companies.

The Cersaie 2019 themed exhibition is hosting 112000 attendees including selected companies, exhibitors, industry professionals, international buyers and visitors. Home + Living is proud to be one of the distinguished attendees at the event. Here we share with our readers the highlights of the exhibition including some exciting new trends for ceramics and bathroom furnishings for the year 2020:

Famous Bathrooms

CERSAIE’s 6th B2B exhibition : Famous Bathrooms is thematic and immersive showcasing inspiration from real life famous personalities. Think, The Beatles, Sigmund Freud, Coco Chanel, Piet Mondrian and Maria Callas to name a few. These personalities have made their mark in their respective fields be it art, culture, science, music or cinema and now these iconic personalities are shaping how the series of themed bathrooms would look. The thought process behind the theme is that the bathroom is a room of well-being and should be customized according to the individual taste of the user. The bathrooms and the products showcased in them have been designed to pique the visitors’ curiosity and inspire them with creative ideas. This awe inspiring exhibition with its designer products was introduced by art critic Philippe Daverio. Famous Bathrooms is continuing its partnership with the Bologna Design Week this year.

Beatles themed Famous Bathroom


Tiling Town

This year, Tiling Town’s focus is on large slabs. The 8th edition of the Tiling Town exhibit was available for viewing and participation on all five days of the Cersaie 2019. Visitors could attend tile laying demonstrations given by master tile layers. A large space in Tiling Town was set aside for the Italian national ceramic tile layers’ association Assoposa. Architects and designers were invited to upgrade their knowledge and earn credits at technical seminars consisting of classroom lessons and practical tile-laying workshops.

3D Versace Tiles


Building, Dwelling, Thinking

Building, Dwelling, Thinking is Cersaie’s cultural program devoted to architecture and design. First launched in 2009, Building, Dwelling, Thinking is now in its eleventh year. Each year Cersaie invites famous architects from all over the world to discuss their projects and their visions of contemporary architecture. This year Cersaie saw some big names. Chilean architect Felipe Assadi was the first guest to be invited to speak at Cersaie 2019 as part of the cultural program. He was here also to take part in a conference in the Architecture Gallery during the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, also being held in Bologna from 23 to 27 September.

Felipe Assadi

Also as part of the 11th “building, dwelling, thinking” cultural programme at Cersaie 2019, internationally acclaimed Indian-born architect Anupama Kundoo gave a conference in the Architecture Gallery. Kundoo’s work in urban design is heavily backed by socio-economic development issues and sustainability. Kundoo is also an acclaimed author and her latest publication is a chapter entitled “Rethinking affordability in economic and environmental terms” in the book “Inclusive Urbanisation: Rethinking Policy, Practice and Research in the Age of Climate Change”, published in 2015 by Routledge.

Anupama Kundoo

On Friday 27 September the last day of the event, the Architecture Gallery will welcome Alberto Ferlenga and Giovanni Chiaramonte for a discussion of the San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, designed by 1990 Pritzker Prize winner Aldo Rossi. The event would also conclude the “Spazi Sacri” (“Sacred Spaces”) photography workshop that began in May this year.

Press Cafés

The Press Cafés at Cersaie 2019 comprise of meetings organized in partnership with Italian publishing houses where experts and journalists will brainstorm on topics of design and architecture in the context of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings. The magazines taking part in this fourth edition of the Press Cafés are: Abitare, AD – A Architectural Digest, Chiesa Oggi – Architettura e Comunicazione, DDN – Design Diffusion News, Domus, Guest, Il Bagno Oggi e Domani, Interni, La Repubblica per RDesign, Marie Claire Maison, NII Progetti and The Plan.

Open Cersaie

This year also marks a new open era with Cersaie adopting a new image called the “Open Cersaie” This new exhibition concept is to focus on diversity and reach out to new target audiences. In keeping with this idea, a pictogram and a new logo were created to connect CERSAIE visually with its most important initiatives aimed at the various target audiences such as the Building Dwelling Thinking program, the Cersaie Business, the Press Cafes; the demonstrations in Tiling Town; the Italian Style thematic shows; and the Cersaie Designs Your Home for end-use customers.

Open Cersaie – New Logo

Cersaie is being transformed from an “exhibition” venue to a “relational” space where communication both online and offline is of paramount importance.

Cersaie Business

Cersaie Business is a space for intermingling of international delegates and exhibitors in order to increase the business potential for the industry. This year in its eighth edition, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings is being attended by around a hundred key players from eight countries or geographical regions: USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Gulf region, Scandinavia and the Baltic Republics.

Lesson in Reverse

Finally, this year’s Lesson in Reverse will be given by none other than famous film director Francesca Molteni on the concluding day at Cersaie 2019. Francesca Molteni will be discussing the relationship between cinema, video production and the world of design in general.

Fransesca Molteni