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5 Tricks To Save Your iPhone Cable

Have you ever had your phone cables damaged in a way that it could almost no longer be used anymore? (refers to the image below)

In this post, we will be showing 5 ways where you can salvage your cables being damaged and unusable.

The Straw Hack
With the use of the thin straws you’ll be able to create a barrier around the cable wire to prevent it from being damaged.

Steps: Cut the straw from inside and wrap it around the wire, then use a tape to secure it to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

The Pen Hack
Found in most pen, this hack can be done easily. Unscrew the pen and take out the spring. Stretch the spring to make sure its long enough to coil around the cable. Once you have coiled the spring around the cable. You are done.

The Paracord Hack
Paracord strings are usually used for safety/survival purposes. If you have spare ones at home, why not use it to save your cable wires instead.

Firstly, cut away the top of the paracord, pull out the white strands from within. Next, burn the end so that it will melt and close the opening of cord. Weave it around the phone cable, and do it continuously until as seen as the picture below. Afterwhich, cut of the extra strings left as seen in the picture below.

The Twist Tie Hack
Simply use a glue at the tip of the cable as seen from the picture below. Twist the tie around the cable to act as a protection layer for the cable.

The Bracelet Hack
Use embroidery floss for this hack. Tie 3 string together and tie a knot at the tip of the cable. Twist it around the cable until the end and voila. You have a nice embroided cable for your phone.

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