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Storage Picks

Plastic containers for specific storage needs that the OCD in you will enjoy.

There’s something magical when the pantry gets sorted out, where everything has its own place. Visually, the impact of clean lines and tidy neatness is so deliciously appealing especially in your kitchen pantry.

Rice Drawers

Keep rice fresh with rice drawers from Tupperware. Without scooping, the container prevents contamination from your hands to get onto the rice and old rice gets sent to the bottom and is dispensed in turn maintaining freshness.

Garlic Keeper

Bulbs are one of those things that is strangely difficult to store but these garlic bulb keepers are handy with large openings that allows you to grab and go.

Water Storage

The easy dispense system of this water wonder is great for large families and for family barbecues out.

Stackable Bowls

The size and stackability of these colourful bowls ensure that they can nest together for ultimate space-saving prowess.These containers come with a plastic leak-proof lid, ideal for transporting food to picnics, BBQs or potlucks.

Locked Containers

These innovative BPA-free containers have a non-toxic freezer gel packed on the underside of the lid that will keep sandwiches, salads and fruit chilled for longer.


The airtight lid keeps lettuce and salad mixes fresh. The domed lid is specially designed to store various sized lettuces without damaging the leaves and raised grid allows excess water to drain and air to circulate so leafy greens stay crisp longer.

Vacuum Containers

Keep dry food longer by storing them in stackable airtight containers. Place the pump on the lid and pump out the air to create an airtight vacuum seal.

Tall Air Tight Containers

With these air tight containers, pasta remains upright, fresh and unbroken.

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