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Bulk Bargains & Stockpiles

Inspired by the extreme savings and massive stockpiles on Extreme Couponing, here are 8 products you can buy in bulk and have in your stockpile. 

1) Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Handy for tackling messes at hand, these non-perishable products can be stacked and bought in bulk. You’d never regret buying these in ridiculously large quantities, just ensure that your storeroom has space for all these gems.

2) Alcohol

Certain supermarkets like Cold Storage and NTUC do have regular promotions on alcohol at different times of the year, especially around Christmas. Do look out for these bargains as one can never have too large a stockpile of wines when entertaining.

3) Pasta

Pasta in its dry form is a non-perishable that can keep for a long time. It also makes a handy lazy dinner for days when you need an under 10 minute quick meal fix. Keep away from dried egg pasta which may start to smell faster than regular pasta due to amount of fat in it.

4) Toothbrush

So cheap in Thailand and KL, these actually cost only 0.80cents which makes for sound investments. Stocking up on toothbrushes also ensures that you’d constantly replace your gnarly ones at the 3 month mark like dentists suggest.

5) Sweets

Candy bars might last a year or more because of the sugar content and low moisture levels that deter microbial growth. If stored in a cold, dry place like the pantry away from the sun, it keeps its texture and prevents the fats or sugar in the bars from whitening the chocolate.

6) Teabags

Mustafa Center has a great selection of exotic teas from all over the world. The large packets offered here can easily last a household for a year. That said, for tea lovers, strange concoctions like Vanilla Mint and even Pomegranate can be found on the shelves.

7) Shampoos, Bath Soaps, Deodorants & Laundry Detergents

The lovely think about cleaning products is that they have virtually no expiration date. There are always large pack deals and refillable bargain packs that are available so you can save the earth and your cash as well.

8) Razors

Like the toilet paper, one can never have a stock of too many razors. These are the essentials for grooming and the good news is that even the high end ones comes with refillable razors in packs of 4.

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