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Open Kitchen Concept

The open concept is an excellent layout to make a small home feel larger and for a close-knit family that loves to entertain. If you enjoy preparing meals without having to be separated from family or guests, an open concept is the ideal choice for your home. With no walls to confine the living, dining and kitchen areas, it only magnifies the luxury of space in the home. So here are some things you will want to keep in mind when designing one.

Bold Colours

The allure of boldly coloured walls lies in its ability to dinstinguish itself with all styles and decorating preferences. As seen in this kitchen, red has an astonishing ability to add personality to a space, even a tiny kitchen can stand out with bright colours applied to the walls. The clean-cut approach creates a seamless spillover from one living area to another.


One of the common mistake people make when designing an open kitchen concept is selecting furniture that clash. When choosing furniture for your kitchen, select the same style of furniture you have in your living and dining area, or neutral furniture that is easy to blend with. As a rule of thumb, try choosing the same wood, material, and style for each section of your open concept room.


An open kitchen can be problematic if a proper ventilation system is not installed in place. One of the major concerns is the ability of the exhaust fan to direct all smoke, heat, vapors, steam, odours and grease particles into the ductwork.  Nobody appreciates a smelly cushion, much less walk out of your house smelling like one.

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