Green Kitchen Habits

Unleash the eco warrior in you by adopting these simple environmentally friendly kitchen habits.

  1. Dishwasher
    When used properly, a dishwasher is a great investment that helps cut water bills. Just remember to only switch it on when it’s full, and pair it with a phosphate-free detergent. Whenever possible, skip the heated drying cycle and leave your dishes to air-dry instead.
  2. Compost it
    Instead of dumping your food waste, such as coffee grinds, eggshells and scraps, compile them into a composting jar. The waste can be converted into a perfect organic fertilizer for potting plants, gardening or simply fertilizing the lawn.
  3. Be a Chef
    Cooking in gives you the freedom to choose locally sourced produce that help minimize carbon footprint and cost. Try to cook larger portions, split it into batches, so you get to eat several meals without multiplying your energy consumption.
  4. No Bottled Water
    Plastic packaging is one of the main culprits of global warming. Instead of purchasing bottled water, switch to good old tap water, or install a carbon filtration system.
  5. No Non-Stick
    Trade non-stick cookware for cast iron or stainless steel options. While it’s super convenient and easy to clean, most non-stick cookware contain chemicals that can degrade and harm the atmosphere.
  6. The Expiry Box
    Reduce food wastage by placing soon-to-expire items in a special box. This will ensure that all family members know which items should be used first.

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