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Ways To Display Your Travel Mementos

These are a few ways in which to seamlessly display your memories in your everyday space. By Ayda Noor. 

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, summed the wanderlusting experience best of all when he said, “Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen”.  For those sharply bitten by the travel bug, nostalgia painted by these adventures feature strongly around the home turf in the form of relics to remind them of the exhilaration of being on the road. These are some fail safe ways to display your travel badge in your home.

Gallery Space

Dedicating a focal point on your wall space to travel photography elevates your room and provides a conversation starter for visitors. By using frames of a solid colour in the same shade, the effect is a dramatic one. Best of all, black and white photography also gives a artsy gallery feel to your living space.

Glass Encasement

A glass topped coffee table in the living room can do with a few artfully placed pieces from your travels. If you invest in a raised hollow compartment, these can hold knick-knacks like coins or pieces of souvenirs from your favourite cities. A playbill from a musical you watched on the West End or even a tea-stained map to remind you of your daytripping memories feature well under glass.

Border Support

Foldable frames are beautiful solid pieces that gives you mileage in delineating the space in your living room. Some of the most beautiful frames can be found in Japan and even woodwork from Indonesia. If you are fond of collecting furniture on your travels, this is one way in which to bring in the eclecticism of the countries you’ve visited into your home seamlessly.

Digital Display

For those of us who prefer a zen feel to the home, a digital slideshow frame works wonders in cutting down the clutter. You can programmed these nifty gadgets to display your favourite travel moments and the best part is that this contraption takes only a few inches of counterspace on your TV console, great for homeowners with a simple design aesthetic.

Storage Space

Intricate boxes or jewel boxes make great containers for stashing your remote and other gadgets. They are completely functional and can be found in the form of a vessel to house your tissue box or lose change. Other types of storage spaces like mail sorters and key holders are widely available in every country you visit.

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