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Baroque-style Comeback!

Baroque designs are no longer the exclusive domain of dauphins and duchesses. Formerly made popular in the 1600s amidst the opulence of Papal Rome, Italy, the movement spread across to most of Europe, gaining favour amongst the aristocrats who were keen to display their might and control. Here’s how to pick baroque-style furnishings for your home by tapping into the exuberance and grandeur of the dramatic style. A note of caution, excessive ornamentation is the order of the day.


All in the details

Intricate details are a major part of baroque ornamentation. Baroque-style motifs are derived from the grandeur of the natural world consisting of floral, animal details and graceful arched curves. The fluid lines evoke drama and movement which is the essence behind the dramatic style. These wave-like carvings on the Mercurio Armchair from Meroni portray an exaggeration of movement that produces drama.


In Baroque architecture, a balanced series of repetition with small variations marks off spaces from one another in a seamless way. Chandeliers or lighting fixtures of the time are big on personality. These large ornamental mammoths feature cascading symmetrical columns and pendalogues as well as arched arms which collectively evoke a plume-like effect casting a palatial grandeur in the space.



Rich Hues

The main reason why the Baroque style came about was for the Roman Church to consolidate their power through a show of wealth and pageantry. What better way to showcase power than through lush gold-leafed furniture like the Baroque 2-Seater Sofa from Manhattan Collection. For a more updated baroque look, steel may also be used in place of gold to bring the space into the modern era.

Luxurious Upholstery

Velvet is the absolute material for luxury. The style sees brocade upholstery that’s fitted with even-ly spaced studded buttons to complete the look. The colour palette features heavy rich colours like maroon, deep greens and gold.

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