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Clashing Graphics

A clashing graphic scheme makes a statement in home design that peels back the adventurous spirit of the homeowner. When done right, the mix is eclectic and visually interesting. Here’s some clashes that might work. 

Stripes and Florals

For a country-inspired look, stripes and florals make a great style statement. One lends a certain fluidity and acts as a break to the solidity of the stripes. Largely, pastels are great for a country inspired look while for a more gothic feel, it may be wise to reach out for a more monochromatic palette.

Geometric Mesh

The Art Deco movement saw simple shapes make a comeback in homes through bold rich colours. In the 80s, checkered tiled floors like those of a chessboard was the height of sophistication. Update this look by pairing geometric furnishings against home accessories.


An arresting statement can be made through typography and stencil. The beauty of this is that you can personalize the messages you’d like on it and use a mesh of different fonts for a bold effect. A mapping style like the one seen here is also a fun way to feature the things you love in a design savvy way.


Animal Prints and Grids

Animal print in itself is a busy pattern so it is best to tone the other elements down and have that print shine on its own. Grids are a beautiful accompaniment to animal print because of it’s calming contrast. For a luxe boudoir, pair animal prints with grids of a shiny metallic sheen.

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