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More than just minimalist furniture, tatami mats and neutral colour palettes, here’s how to do the Japanese invasion right with these home furnishings and accessories. 

According to Japan Talk, there are 9 principles of Japanese Art and Culture. Rather than just merely referring to the style as zen or minimalist, we have remixed some of these principles and broke them down to its barest essence to apply to ideas for home living.




Wabi-sabi is all about accepting that beauty is one of impermanence and imperfection. This style is big on asymmetry, irregularity and an appreciation of bespoke furnishings in natural materials made simply. Natural grains of wood is the star feature of the Kime Set from Atomi and no two pieces are similar embracing the imperfections of wood.


When beauty is in a simplicity that speaks for itself, that’s where the spirit of Shibui resides. The Anthem Mirror from Ki-mono.net  is a classic design that is beautiful in it’s lack of adornment and effortless design aesthetic.



A design that’s considered Iki is original but is in possession of style and grace. The Wall Mounted CD Player is a sleek and design that strips all forms of design to expose the mechanics of the CD playing. On top of that, the Legless Chair is a neat nod to the traditional floor chairs but with a pristine cotton white twist. Both can be purchased at Muji.


Yugen style is an homage to mysteriousness and surprise elements are central features of the design. It is believed that life is boring when all facts are known and true and so the transformative aspect of design is much celebrated in Yugen. An fine example of this is the Coty Dining Table from Atomi where certain pieces like its chair can be transformed and brought away as a rocking chair.


The cute or kawaii revolution has been given bad rep due to the Hello Kitty craze that’s descended Singapore in past couple of weeks. Thank god it’s over. For a small dash of cuteness without an overdose, the Reiko Heart Mug in Pink from Atomi is cuteness defined.

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