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Ariston’s Andris2 Top Water Heater – Hot Water at your Fingertips!

The Ariston Andris2 Top : WiFi-enabled Smart Water Heater

Ariston is the leading water heater brands in Singapore and a market leader in introducing state-of-art water heater technologies. Last year, saw Ariston launch the Andris-2 range – Singapore’s first ever WiFi enabled smart water heaters! The Andris2 range includes the models Andris2 Top, Andris2 Lux, and Andris2 RS.

The premium Andris2 Top Wi-Fi enabled water heater comes equipped with Smart Control Technology with dedicated app controls. It is equipped with a revolutionary smart energy saving technology and  a patented long-lasting titanium heating element with lifetime warranty.  It also comes with AG+ Silver Ions with antibacterial properties for enhancing hygiene. The new Andris2 Top storage water heater holds the Good Design Award and with its slim, luxury design, it will surely hold a place of pride in your bathroom too!

Wherever you might be, Ariston’s first-in-the-market Aqua Ariston Net App allows you to control the Andris2 Top smart water heater at your convenience. You can track water temperature and can have total control of when and how much hot water you require.  Since it is easy to switch off the heater remotely, it also allows energy saving of up to 25%. The integrated auto-learning software ECO EVO installed in Andris2 Top tracks your showering/ water usage habit for added convenience.

The app that can be downloaded on both Apple App Store or Google Play Store,  allows you to set a weekly schedule and receive energy consumption reports to monitor your habits, giving comfort, convenience and energy saving all at your fingertips!

The Andris2 Top comes in 30L capacity, and is now retailing at $489 at authorized dealers’ stores. Read more here.