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5 ways you can go green in the home

go green in the home
5 ways to go green in the home

How can you be more environmentally friendly with your home decor choices? Well, going green does not mean that you have to renovate or give an entire makeover to your home. By simply changing or adding  some furniture, you too can be an earth champion.

1. Use bamboo flooring for your staircase

go green in the home
No brainer! It looks awesome too!

Bamboo is on the list of most environmentalists. This is because bamboo grows faster than most hardwood trees, thus minimising the problem of sustainability. In comparison to hardwood, bamboo is stronger and more versatile as it can be used to make a wide range of products including paper and clothing.

2. Use a cabinet that has no or low VOC finishes in your kitchen

go green in the home
Making smart choices for your furniture can go a long way to helping the environment.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are solvents that emit into the air as the paint dries. VOCs can be dangerous as they contribute to smog formation and long-term health problems such as respiratory illnesses and memory impairment. By using a kitchen cabinet with no or low VOC finishes, the level of toxins released can be reduced and air quality can be improved.

3. Use a natural or organic mattress in your bedroom

go green in the home
The key to a good night’s sleep? A guilt-free conscience.

All mattresses might look the same but they may not be as simple as they look. Some of the mattresses are made of non-biodegradable synthetic fibers or foam, and some contain processed cotton or wool that could be toxic to inhale and sleep on for a long period of time. Choose a mattress that is made of natural materials and don’t forget to cover it with an eco-friendly bedsheet so you will never lose sleep again.

4. Use an energy saving ceiling fan in your living room

Ceiling fan can also make a good decoration.
A Ceiling fan can also make a good decoration.

The excessive use of air-conditioning is one of the reasons for global warming. However, the hot and humid weather of Singapore can be quite difficult to bear even at home. To help save the environment while keeping your cool, replace air-conditioning with a ceiling fan in your living room. An energy saving fan can also be more cost efficient as well.

5. Use a low-flow showerhead in your bathroom

go green in the home
Cut down on water and energy bills by making this simple change in the bathroom.

Water wastage is probably the biggest problem that happens in the bathroom. If you are giving up on the bathtub, go a step further and install a low-flow showerhead to save more water. Besides cutting down on the amount of water, you also save on the amount of energy taken to heat your water with a low-flow showerhead.

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