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Bathroom Space Solutions

The bathroom is the smallest yet most visited room in the house. Also a storage space for the most varied collection of stuff, how do you fit everything in without creating a mess? Here are 5 creative storage ideas.


  1. Labeled Storage
    – Attach labels on to storage boxes for easy sorting and access.
    – Get creative and boost your bathroom aesthetic by using embroidery or flashy crafts to personalize labels.
    – Be careful not to overdo it, too many labeled storage containers can sometimes create a feeling of clutter.
  1. Glass jars and Baskets
    – Keep small items, such as cotton swabs, make up brushes, and even a bunch of lavender, on hand with transparent glass jars.
    – Use baskets to store towels or bath supplies for quick access.
    – Plastic boxes are great for stashing beauty and skin products – and if they leak, you can easily rinse out the box.
  2. Towel Nook
    – Who needs a linen closet when you can artfully display your towels. It adds an element of surprise, and it’s practical too.
    – Install a double towel bar that can hold twice the towels using the same wall space as a single bar.
  3. Hidden Storage
    – The backs of cabinet doors are full of unused storage space. Attach shallow caddies to the back of a cabinet for extra storage space.
    – For homes with high ceilings, install wooden shelf brackets above the door to store bathroom supplies.
  4. Open Shelves
    – Under-sink storage doesn’t always have to be behind closed doors. Incorporate open shelves for a more stylish look.
    – Add open shelving to the walls on either end of bathtubs for massage oils, candles and, of course, towels.

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