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Product Designer Scot Laughton

What is your design philosophy?

If you are going to try designing this or that, then commit to it fully. Be honest, improve it, practise the highest craft and quality you can, and be aware of who is making it and the conditions they work in.  As a designer, it is very important for me to take time to respond to every object and design individually, so each project tells a story of its own.

When did you make your mark?

I was very lucky when my final year project in the design school got a lot of attention in North America. The product, the Strala floor light was also chosen by Time magazine as one of the top 10 objects of design in 1987.

What was the inspiration behind the Swell dining table?

I wanted to design a table that had a very light profile and still robust in structure. So, I was working with a boat builder who has the expertise in making things in glass fiber. I also wanted to explore this material and its structure opportunities This is the part where the name comes from.  The underside of the table increases in thickness or swells which gives the table its strength.  The legs of the table were inserted into the undersides, much like a boat I used to sail when I was a kid.

Swell dining table.

Tell us more on The House For All Seasons project.

The House for All Seasons project was kick-started by Hong Kong-based architect John Lin in Shijia Village, in northeastern China. It is a totally self-efficient brick edifice that John devised to show the local rural population that they could create their own homes with the skills and traditional carpentry skills they already had. When designing these “Farmhouse Furniture”, I created items that are highly sustainable, suitable for their needs and adapt well to the local harsh conditions.

Working with local craftsmen in Shijia Village.

See more of Scot’s work at scotlaughton.com.

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